250g Compost Worms (Fresh DAILY) - approx. 1000

250g Compost Worms (Fresh DAILY) - approx. 1000

SKU: WO003

FRESH from the FARM Compost Worms - why buy Pre-Packed, Sitting on the Shelf for Months supposedly 'Live Worm' products at leading hardware stores - $50 for 1,000 worms, where you can't see how many are actually alive, and what you're getting until you're at home.  


With Worm Whisperers, there is no unknown, or luck of the draw - when you purchase compost worms from us, they are FRESH, HEALTHY and ready to go to work for you.  As Commercial Worm Farmers, you get a mix of up to 5 different types giving diversity to your worm farm / garden.  


- Red Wrigglers

- African Nightcrawlers

- Tigers

- Blues

- European Nightcrawlers


Not to mention our Live Worm Guarantee for shipped items as well - zero reason to risk buying a prepacked product that states its contents are alive, but don't guarantee it.


Not suitable for Fishing