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20 European Nightcrawler Fishing Worms (Fresh DAILY)

SKU: EN003

European Nightcrawlers are the premier Fishing Worm for both Freshwater and Saltwater fishing. 


You're Worm Whisperers (WW) European Nightcrawlers are without doubt the best fishing worm you can buy! Used worldwide, this species of fishing worm is especially popular right across the Northern Hemisphere in all seasons, even including the Winter / Ice Fishing activities. With your WW European Nightcrawlers being larger in size, they can be fished in a wide range of temperatures. This, combined with their thicker skin over normal compost worms, means they both stay alive longer on the hook, and are harder for fish to get off the hook. Translation – your catch rate percentage increases.


European nightcrawlers are more challenging and time intensive to breed or farm - however tested against old favourites like the African Nightcrawlers and Scrub worms they outperform every time. 


In fact - these top-notch worms are even used for ice water fishing in Canada where, despite near freezing water temperatures, they stay wriggling on the hook for extended periods. We’ve personally used them to catch various types of fish in many estuaries along the South East Queensland Surf Coast in our Kayak and off Jetties. We've also had excellent success in the North Pine Dam, upper reaches of rivers and other Freshwater dams / waterways.

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