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Hessian Bag / Worm Blanket

SKU: WO014
  • Suitable for the all Worm Farms
  • Made from 100% natural fibres


The good 'ol Hessian bag is a perfect compliment to your worm farm system. 


Hessian (AKA burlap) is a woven material made from Jute. Jute is a fibrous material made from the cellulose and lignin found in plants and vegetables.


Hessian bags are great for your worm farm for a number of reasons:

- provides a source of carbon

- made from natural plant material so it is safely biodegradable

- being fibrous, that helps break down your wooden sticks or pieces from the mulch you may add

- the woven structure allows it to absorb water making it a great damp material, while also a good diffusion of oxygen which worms naturally need


In summary, Worms love Hessian bags for all the above benefits duplicating as well as a food source.  

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