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Microtek Organics Humate

Microtek Organics Humate

Microtek Organics Humate


Microtek’s Humate product is aimed at the health of the soil by not only increasing the soil fertility but water retention. Humic acid in this product works to improve the structure of the soil to allow for better water retention while helping to break down some clay soils to provide a more efficient nutrient uptake for the plant.


This greatly reduces the need for chemical fertilisers while also increasing crop resistance to pests and diseases. Microtek Humate also enables a greater amount of potassium to be unlocked within the soil in a plant-soluble form.


Microtek Organics products:


• Are filtered numerous times to ensure there are no blockages in filters or drippers.

• Provide essential amino acids, proteins, and millions of beneficial soil and microbial bacteria.

• Improve the microbial count of your soils.

• Do not deplete nutrients within the soils while helping the soil recover from nutrient depletion.

• Improve soil fertility and water retention.

• Help to balance the nutrient uptake throughout all plants regardless of soil type.

• All these products can be combined with most herbicides and pesticides. Just ensure they aren’t too strong as the microbes are alive.)

• All Products are suitable for all plants, including natives.

• All Products are organic or organic based resulting in minimal if any skin irritations.

• Shake well before use

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