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Microtek Organics Liquid Kelp (Tri-Kelp)

Microtek Organics Liquid Kelp (Tri-Kelp)

Liquid Kelp 


Microtek’s Tri-Kelp is designed from three different species of Kelp, (Sargassum, Ascophyllum Nodosun, Laminaria) as this blend has been found to have significantly more benefits for a wide range of plants. These Species of Kelp are sustainably harvested from renewable farms to reduce the impact on the ecosystem.


Microtek Liquid Kelp is ideal for all plants, all year round. Liquid Kelp can be used for the following purposes:


  • Encourage feeder root growth: Foliar application of Microtek Liquid Kelp increases the formation and growth of new feeder roots. The effect of this can be seen about 2 weeks after application (given good growing conditions), with a subsequent increase in shoot growth.


  • Flowering and fruit set: The use of Microtek Liquid Kelp as an organic plant health tonic significantly improves the benefits of a balanced nutritional program for optimizing fruit set and delivering more consistent yields, year after year.


  • Adverse climatic conditions: Improved plant health increases the ability of plants to cope with hot &/or dry conditions. It also reduces their susceptibility to frost damage. Both gardeners and commercial growers depend on Microtek Liquid Kelp for this benefit alone.


  • Produce quality: It is common sense that healthy plants yield high quality produce. The benefits of including Microtek Liquid Kelp in a balanced nutritional program can be seen in nutritional value, flavour and shelf life quality.


  • Pest and disease problems: There are several ways in which plants naturally defend themselves against pest and disease problems. Optimising plant health can assist in providing such defences without the need to divert energy away from growth and productivity. Gardeners and commercial growers alike, report that, when using Microtek Liquid Kelp, the incidence of such problems is reduced and (when they occur) their severity is much lower.

Microtek Organics products:


• Are filtered numerous times to ensure there are no blockages in filters or drippers.

• Provide essential amino acids, proteins, and millions of beneficial soil and microbial bacteria.

• Improve the microbial count of your soils.

• Do not deplete nutrients within the soils while helping the soil recover from nutrient depletion.

• Improve soil fertility and water retention.

• Help to balance the nutrient uptake throughout all plants regardless of soil type.

• All these products can be combined with most herbicides and pesticides. Just ensure they aren’t too strong as the microbes are alive.)

• All Products are suitable for all plants, including natives.

• All Products are organic or organic based resulting in minimal if any skin irritations.

• Shake well before use

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