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Microtek Organics Plant and Soil Food

Microtek Organics Plant and Soil Food

Microtek Organics Pland and Soil Food


Plant and Soil Food is the original Microtek Organics liquid soil improver, ideal for all plants and soils, all year round. This includes native plants.


Microtek Plant and Soil Food contains millions of Colony Forming Units (CFU) to help enrich the microbial count within your soils. Microtek worms have been on the same feeding regime developed by microbiologists from the start, developed to enhance and improve the quality of the product, allowing for a higher microbial count in the soil.


The goodness in Plant and Soil food adheres to the root structure of any plant which allows for more uniform nutrient uptake even when different soil types are present.


Microtek Organics products:


• Are filtered numerous times to ensure there are no blockages in filters or drippers.

• Provide essential amino acids, proteins, and millions of beneficial soil and microbial bacteria.

• Improve the microbial count of your soils.

• Do not deplete nutrients within the soils while helping the soil recover from nutrient depletion.

• Improve soil fertility and water retention.

• Help to balance the nutrient uptake throughout all plants regardless of soil type.

• All these products can be combined with most herbicides and pesticides. Just ensure they aren’t too strong as the microbes are alive.)

• All Products are suitable for all plants, including natives.

• All Products are organic or organic based resulting in minimal if any skin irritations.

• Shake well before use

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