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Modbed Apartment Garden Planter

SKU: SPD00005

SupPod Ceased Operations in February, 2024.  This item is now OUT fo Stock.  Please contact us for alternative composting solutions or ideas on recycling products and converting into worm farms.


This is the Modbed Garden Bed only. For those who already own a Subpod Mini, or want an extra Modbed to expand their growing space.


  • Compact footprint
  • Lockable wheels for easy manoeuvring
  • Durable alloy & carbonized timber construction
  • Built to last with a 3-year structural guarantee


Compact & modern design

Not only is modbed a stylish addition to your balcony or small space, it's also compact – 900mm L x 600mm W x 800mm H


Wheels for easy moving

Friends over or chasing the sun for your plants? Modbed has lockable wheels, move it whenever your heart desires.


Balcony garden perfection

Turn your concrete balcony into a living, waste saving eco-system and experience the joy of growing your own food and herbs.


3 year guarantee

Modbed comes with a 3-year structural guarantee. We used only the best, sustainable materials to create Modbed.


Carbonised FSC Certified Wood

Our wood is FSC certified, which meets the highest environmental standards. Instead of nasty chemical treatments, our wood has been carbonised – a form of heat-treatment used in Japan for over 300 years. Carbonising provides natural rot and salt-resistance to wood and even helps deter pests like termites.


Recycled plastic bottle liner

The liner that sits inside Modbed is a woven material made from recycled PET water bottles. Which is great news for the planet, since recycling water bottles uses far fewer resources than creating virgin plastic! Our food-safe liner prevents the soil inside Modbed from rotting the wood or falling out, while filtering any run-off.



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