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Subpod Worm Blankets - x2 Blankets per pack


SupPod Ceased Operations in February, 2024.  This item is now OUT fo Stock.  Please contact us for alternative composting solutions or ideas on recycling products and converting into worm farms.


New Supply Arrived!


Buy in bulk and save on future shipping!

Keep your worms comfortable in all types of weather with Subpod Worm Blankets.

Our jute worm blankets help to insulate your Subpod naturally. Just soak them in water, ring them out and pop them on top of your compost!


  • 100% natural jute felt
  • Completely biodegradable 
  • Eco-friendly insulation
  • x2 blankets per pack
  • 8mm thick, 350 x 410mm

Made from the same plant as burlap (hessian), jute felt is biodegradable to keep your compost clean. Now thicker, our blankets will keep your worms safer, for longer.

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