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Worm Farm Castle V2 Combo w/1200 Worms w/Free Worm Blanket

Worm Farm Castle V2 Combo w/1200 Worms w/Free Worm Blanket

SKU: WW003



$100 Brisbane City Countil Rebate - check the link on our homepage


Seen The Australian Made Worm Castle V2 Kit - 100% Recycled Plastic - choice of 2 colours for this 3 Working Tray Worm Farm w/ Free Worm Blanket advertised cheaper somewhere.  We will match the 'Delivered Price' (Please note our kit includes very important additional elements not provided by other resellers).


Buy from a Commercial Worm Farmer - Service, Sales, and then AFTER Sale Service is what we pride ourselves on here at Worm Whisperers.


We often supply wholesale to Schools, Kindergartens, Councils, Community Garden Clubs, and Fundraising organisations, so contact us for a customised bulk purchase.  Where children are involved in the activity, we issue copyright 'Junior Worm Whisperers' Certificates! 


Our kit differs from other resellers.  Being Commercial Worm Farmers, we have some other essential elements in our kit to get your Worm Farm humming along nice and smoothly. 


The Australian Made Worm Castle V2 - 100% Recycled Plastic - choice of 3 colours for this 3 Working Tray Worm Farm w/ 300g of Compost Worms (approx 1,200 worms), Free Worm Blanket (Hessian Bag), Compost, Geofabric, Dolomite.


Made from recycled plastic and quality stabilizing ingredients,  it will stand the rigors of our different climates throughout Australia. Designed by a worm farmer, we've taken the flaws out of other models to make this worm farm, an easy to use design, which ensures a great environment for your worms.


  • UV stabilized to protect the worm castle from the long-term degradation from UV light
  • Softer plastic construction means less chance of breakage
  • Smaller size farm is great for home and apartment use, at the office and for getting the kids involved!
  • Castle-esque cover/lid that the whole family can enjoy.
  • Spigot for easy draining of worm juices.
  • Tested for weight bearing; strong and sturdy.
  • Made in South Australia, Australia. 


Comes with:

  • 3 working trays
  • Lid
  • Liquid tray
  • Legs
  • Coco fibre block
  • Tap and manual
  • 300g Compost Worms (up to five different types) OR Upgrade to 600g Compost Worms
  • Worm Blanket (Hessian Bag)
  • Small Bag of Compost
  • Square of Geofabric
  • Dolomite 


Comes in Mocha and Gumleaf Green

$150.00 Regular Price
$142.50Sale Price
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