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WormWhisperers 7L Compost Caddy Kit + Cultivator,Blanket & Zeolite Conditioner

SKU: WW-030



- 1 x 7L Kitchen Caddy (because 5L is NOT enough) with Copyright Worm Whisperers Infographic Sticker on recommended Worm Foods

- 1 x WORM FARM BLANKET - supplied to you by one of Brisbane's Leading Commercial Worm Farmers

- 1 x Worm Farm Cultivator for Aeration

- 1 x Packet of Zeolite (NZ Volcanic Rock) Conditioner (essential to manage pH levels in your farm, as well as providing Grit to the diet of your compost worms)


Worm Whisperers - Commercial Worm Farmers, interested in your Compost Journey and Success, not just moving a box to you! 


After sales service and advice fully included in all purchases off us.  We proudly are supporting and supplying the compost and fishing worm communities across Australia.  We conduct educational seminars to kindergartens and schools, with Junior Worm Whisperers graduates all receiving a nice little official certificate in their name.  


Please note: worms are NOT included, but unlike others, we do NOT recommend sourcing anything pre-packaged sitting on the shelf at a hardware store.  We happily will help you source within our network a reliable Worm Farmer that supplies FRESHLY harvested and healthy Compost Worms.

We also offer full kit worm farm solutions with the prized workers along with the farms.

Composting your home vegetable scraps is a very rewarding activity, while also contributes to reducing the landfill each year.  As commercial worm farmers supplying at-home compost solutions, Worm Whisperers only sell products that we also use.

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