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Shipping & Returns 

Worm Whisperers
Shipping Policy

Worm Whisperers competitively ships across Australia to support composters and fisherman alike.  Unfortunately, due to quarantine laws, we are unable to ship LIVE worms to Western Australia and the Northern Territory.  All LIVE worm orders are shipped on a Monday or Tuesday using an Express Service to ensure that your precious investment is not left sitting in a Warehouse over a weekend.  

All LIVE Fishing / Compost worm shipments come with the Worm Whisperers 'Live Delivery Guarantee.'  We 'Harvest Worms to Order' here at Worm Whisperers, so even though we are reliant upon third party delivery services, we have yet to have any complaints or need to re-send a replacement order.  The health of our Fishing / Compost worms is exceptional from not being pre-packed and on the shelf, ensuring they are travel ready.  Naturally, our 'Triple S' - Service, Sales, Service - value system is the primary driver in all shipping activities as clients have partnered with us to compliment their Fishing / Compost activities.   

Worm Whisperers
Return & Exchange Policy

Consumer rights and guarantees are an important foundation within the Australian Retail environment.  Worm Whisperers aligns itself fully with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission principles.

If you experience any issues with a delivery service provider, or the product we have supplied, please take a photo of the issue and forward it to us immediately so that we can initiate a Service Ticket and resolve the issue for you.  The core value system of Worm Whisperers is Customer Satisfaction as your Fishing / Compost partner during the transaction and delivery process.

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